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One of our friends, Kathryn, couldn't go on our annual trip, so we took a Barbie as a substitute. Throughout the trip, we snapped photos of the Barbie—who we named Kathy—everywhere, with everyone. We even have a photo of two bikers holding her. We thought of our friend the entire time because of Kathy. Sally Herman, Germantown, Tenn.

Every Halloween we have a pumpkin-carving party. Everyone brings a pumpkin and a favorite harvest wine. At the end of the day, the hostess has an awesome Halloween display of 20 or so pumpkins, and we get a photo to remember the occasion. Ruthann Galarza, Milwaukee, Wis.

Fifteen years ago, during a GG to South Carolina, we started a tradition. We pose with a different man at every opportunity—including a group of young men at a high school prom. Karen Adatto, Ringwood, N.J.

We buy the most outrageous date shoes—as long as we can still walk in them (we're crazy, but sensible)—and then we promise to wear them at least three times over the next year. If anyone doesn't keep her word, she has to host a catered affair for the girls before the next trip. Pictures are required as proof. Elizabeth Musser, Washington, D.C.

On road trips, my sister Stephanie and I stop at every state line and take a self-portrait in front of the "Welcome to…" sign. Samantha Agonis, Plainfield, Ill.

For the past 10 years, my five best girlfriends and I have reunited somewhere new. We bring pictures from our lives, including the not-so-interesting: someone's desk at work, the trainer at the gym who looks like David Schwimmer, etc. That way we can really share one another's lives. Berit Rabinovitz, Boulder, Colo.

We always take one picture with everyone's backs turned and bent forward—clothes on, of course. Then we try to tell who's who. Jacquie Myers, Columbus, Ohio

My best friend and I create a thumbs up/thumbs down list every time we go on a trip. We take pictures too, so that mixed in with the historic sites and beautiful scenery are photos of ourselves giving thumbs up to amazing gelato or thumbs down to the pay phone we couldn't figure out how to use. Julianna Keyes, Medford, Mass.

When we go traveling we bring along hats—flamingo hats, cowboy hats, beach hats—and take pictures of ourselves in them. The three of us are going to Maui next month, and we're currently looking for new hats! Sandee Drake, San Diego, Calif.

We always spread out in a crowd—such as at the Spanish steps—and take a Where's Waldo-type picture. When we get home it's fun to look for ourselves. Jane Immel, Fredericksburg, Tex.

Our group is all nurses. We wait until the second or third day of our vacation and put on the skimpiest outfits we can find and take a picture of ourselves—usually with fruity drinks in hand—to send back to work. Linda Raines, Johnson City, Tenn.

On our annual spa getaway, my sisters and I collect as many mini shampoo bottles, soaps, and creams as we can from the hotel room. Then we pile them onto a bed and take a picture of them. We've been doing this silly thing for eight years now. It makes us feel like little kids all over again—probably because it reminds of us when we'd vacation as a family and fight over who got to take what home. Melissa Vanefsky, Deerfield Beach, Fla.

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