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Q&A: The Dynamos of Mamma Mia!

The movie comes out in July, but the stage version is tough to beat. Naomi Lindt had questions for the various Dynamos.

Which character do you most identify with?
Donna. We're both mothers who are partial to wearing a Lycra outfit now and again. —Linzi Hateley (Donna, London)

What's the funniest thing to happen during a show?
I have a 12-second costume change, and during my first performance, the zipper broke. I went onstage with half my derriere exposed. My leading man and I danced so that I always faced the audience, but the cast saw a new side of me. —Carolee Carmello (Donna, New York)

What's it like backstage?
After the first scene, one of the cast members does a very funny reading of all of our horoscopes. —Gina Ferrall (Rosie, New York)

Ever have any accidents while performing?
I was making my grand entrance during the wedding scene when I fell at the top of the stairs—it was very Beyoncé in Orlando. Then my heel got stuck in the floor, and I tripped, barefoot, to the front of the stage. Doing the scene shoeless made me feel more like a Dynamidget than a Dynamo. Worst of all, the broken shoes were Manolos! —Vicki Van Tassel (Tanya, Las Vegas)

Has Mamma Mia! made you want to reconnect with lost loves?
No. If anything, it's helped clarify why I don't have them around anymore. —Robin Baxter (Rosie, Las Vegas)

Have any cast members started dating?
Our current Sky has linked up with one of the ensemble girls, and they make a lovely couple. —Jane Gurnett (Tanya, London)

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