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Let's Swap Secrets

We're giving away two trips to Shop a Le`a at Ala Moana Center in gorgeous Honolulu. Tell us a secret and you might be Winner #2.

Winner #1
My best friend decided that our weekend in Destin, Fla., would be the perfect time to color her hair—but it came out Granny Gray instead of Barbie Blonde. I had just about convinced her it wasn't that gray when an older gentleman (85-plus, with a cane) began flirting with her! Roxanne Wysock, Huntsville, Ala.

How was her trip?
Well, we are back from the trip and it was fabulous!!!!! I think you must have ordered the weather especially for us—82 degrees and no rain. It was so relaxing and more fun than we have had in awhile. (Of course, while I was gone my husband had to go to Columbus, Ohio because our son had to have emergency surgery. That's right—he got snowed in during the worst snow storm Columbus has ever had.) At any rate, from the fantastic service on Continental Airlines, to a great room with 2 balconies at Marriott Waikiki Beach, to seeing one of the bachelors from "The Bachelor," to frantically trying to spend the gift card it was a week for the record books. Thank you so much for the opportunity. (Cindy is also very thankful.) You are the best! Roxanne Wysock

Hungry like the wolf
A few years back, a friend and I went to a Duran Duran concert. We ended up dancing next to the stage with the young girls—but at the end of the night, we were the ones invited backstage. Heather Sutton, Midlothian, Va.

It's not lying, it's bluffing
When I fly to Vegas to meet my girlfriend who lives there, she tells her husband she's coming here, and we sneak off to a hotel for a few nights. Dawn Williams, Fresno, Calif.

O.B. birthday to you
My girlfriends and I go away to celebrate our birthdays, and one year we forgot candles—so we stuck some tampons on the cake and lit the strings. Denise Miller, Foster, W. Va.

That's called having a ball
My aunt and I spotted some bouncy balls (the kind that kids play on, with handles) in a store in California. They were even more fun than we remembered—that is, until we were asked to leave. Cynthia Johnston, Omaha, Nebr.

He's the silent type
Our group has gone on an outing every year for the past 19 years. One of the women was always saying how she wanted a man, so when we hiked hut-to-hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, we put a male blow-up doll in her bunk and told her she had to carry him for the rest of the week. For years, she kept him tied to a basketball post in her driveway. Only when she got a real man was she finally allowed to let the air out of the plastic one. Joan Stowell, Deland, Fla.

Show but don't tell
I was in L.A. with a friend who dared me to ask a biker for a ride. He agreed—if I'd take off my jacket and show off my corset. It was a small price to pay for the memory. Danielle DiGiovanni, Brighton, Mass.

Where the boys are
In the Bahamas, my college roommates and I partied with some guys who acted young, but they said they were in the Navy. The next day, we saw them get onto a Disney cruise ship with their parents. Juliana Monjaraz, Somerville, Mass.

Even more secrets…
My friend told a cute guy sitting next to us on a plane to Denver that we were backup singers for Stevie Nicks. We sang a few bits of songs for him—neither of us knew all the words. He was thrilled and offered to take us out on the town. Leslie Johnson, Shelton, Wash.

Wherever we go, my friend and I look out for bananas—our code for men. This allows us to speak freely: A man who's too young is green, while another may be a little too ripe. Jennifer Tutuska, Washington, D.C.

While we were on a site inspection at a resort, my friend became ill and spent 20 minutes in the bathroom of a suite. She finally opened the door with a puzzled look—she had spent 15 minutes trying to make the end of the toilet paper stay in a point, the way the maid had left it. Cathy Bouldry, Towson, Md.

One evening while camping, my girlfriends and I—we're all around 40—went skinny-dipping (or chunky-dunking, as we call it). A car pulled up, and a group of teenagers came and sat nearby. We panicked. One of my friends walked out of the river, naked as a jaybird. She talked to them, but the kids didn't leave, and we eventually all had to get out of the water. Debbie Mitchell, Alton, Ill.

My best friend and I took a trip to Jamaica. (These Stellas were definitely out to get their groove back.) Her hair weave for the trip was supposed to make her a Beyonce Knowles-esque, wavy-haired goddess. On the plane, all that hair began to ball up in knots. And after our drive to Ocho Rios, she had cigar-size dreadlocks. We were just grateful that our housekeeper knew how to braid. Lauren Munar, Redondo Beach, Calif.

My mother, my college roommate, and I went to Montreal, where we saw a gorgeous young policeman. My roommate and I were both single and hoping for a bit of romance, but we were too intimidated by his good looks to talk to him. My happily married mother had no such qualms and struck up a conversation with him. He even invited her to drinks. We always giggle about how Mom showed us how to get a date. Laura Dansbury, San Mateo, Calif.

My girlfriends and I went down to our friend Megan's lake house for a week. Megan's sister called to tell us that some boys were going to sneak over and try to give us a scare. We snuck outside, and when the boys came, we jumped out at them. They ran away screaming. But when we tried to go back inside, we learned that we had locked ourselves out. We found a screwdriver and thought we could unscrew one of the windows and get inside. Turns out we unscrewed more than we expected—the entire window frame fell out on us. Pink insulation was everywhere, and there was a hole in the side of the house where the window had been. Jenni Brown, Kansas City, Mo.

Thirty years ago, my friend and I returned from a trip to Paris. We were meeting our men at the airport, and we had nothing on under our smocks. Then the security beeper went off, and I had to be searched. Lee Fields, Walnut Creek, Calif.

My friend and I are both moms of twins. When the kids were little babies, we were exhausted all the time. One weekend, our husbands offered to do daddy-duty while we got some rest. We went to a resort, but sleep was the last thing on our minds. We dressed up every night, went out for drinks, and stayed up late. When we got home, we were completely revived. Courtney McNeil, Davis, Calif.

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