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Indulge and Divulge

In honor of Sex and the City's jump to the silver screen, Sara Morrow chatted up fans outside New York's Magnolia Bakery—Carrie and the girls' go-to spot for cupcakes.

1. June Droussiotis, New Providence, N.J.

Which character are you? I get a kick out of the one who's always having sex, because what she says is so true. But I relate more to the one who's very proper. Are there any Manolo Blahniks in your closet? I couldn't begin to justify $600 shoes. That's why they make DSW and Century 21.

2. Cameron Polek of New York City, with Nina Benedettini and Anne Marie Choike, visiting from Michigan

Cameron, have you been to any other SATC sites? Carrie's apartment is on the Upper East Side, but they actually filmed down here in Greenwich Village. And in real life, Sarah Jessica Parker lives around here. Have you ever seen her? Yeah—she was so small. I was like, "I think that's Sarah Jessica Parker!" Then I overheard her talking, and I knew it was her.

3. Terrie Auday, Simi Valley, Calif.

What would you tell Samantha if she were your girlfriend? Have fun, be careful, and never apologize. Any predictions about the movie? Miranda will probably have three kids, and Charlotte will continue leading her charmed life, but there will have to be some drama. Maybe she'll get a stain.

4. Mali Askar, New York City

You grew up in Brazil—do people watch SATC there? Yes, but when I moved to New York, I liked it even more. You recognize the places in certain scenes. Just the other day, I saw the episode when they were at Magnolia. Know any real-life Samanthas? I do have some friends like her, actually, and I don't think they're happy. I don't think Samantha's found what she's looking for.

5. Riham Musa of New York City and Sabour Arshad of Columbus, Ohio

Sabour, what's your favorite episode? The first one of the fifth season. I'm horrible. I have all the DVDs. It's when Carrie explores the city on her own. Is Carrie your favorite character? Yes. She's independent and fashion-forward. But I'm probably more like Charlotte. Riham, who's yours? Samantha is a slut, but I like her anyway.

There's one question that divides fans: Aidan or Mr. Big?
June: "The guy who makes the furniture. He was wrapped up with a bow, and she just threw him away!"

Cameron: "Aidan. He chopped wood, and that's hot."

Anne Marie: "You have a thing for chopping wood. I liked that Big was somewhat unavailable. It's all about the chase."

Terrie: "For Carrie, definitely Mr. Big. For me, Aidan."

Mali: "Carrie doesn't deserve Aidan. He was too good for her."

Riham: "Big. He challenges Carrie."

Sabour: "I want to marry Aidan."

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